The Speed Conditioning Workout

5 Simple Running Workouts

Running can look like a simple act, but this is usually not the case when you get to complicate it with exercises, drills, and complex workouts. The workouts that a person does while on training are meant to make him or her run stronger and faster, and to cover longer distances.

In this article, am going to share with you 5 common running workouts and how to go about them. These workouts are only for runners who can persevere, and each of them has an explanation.

– The Easy Running Workout
This should be your most common type of run. It is usually run at an easy pace and which helps to build endurance, establish routine and a base mileage, promote good form, and facilitating recovery. This type of run should take up about 65% to 80% of your total mileage.

-The Tempo Running Workout
The tempo run workouts are good in increasing our lactate threshold, and this reaches a point where our bodies switch from the normal aerobic system to the anaerobic system, and this makes the body fatigue thereafter. If your threshold goes higher at a certain pace, then the chances are that you’ll be able to maintain that given pace for a longer time. This will also enable you build on your speed, strength, and endurance.

-The progression Running Workout
This running workout will give you full workout session. It involves the use of both aerobic and anaerobic systems, and this will not over-strain your body or require the same recovery period as that of traditional speed workout. During this workout, you’ll be able to increase your pace by starting easy and then finishing hard. The drills involve restarting slow, then finishing hard.

-The Hill Running Workout
This running drill involves building an explosive power that can promote speed and improve the running culture. Running downhill will help you work on your quads, and to build strength in your tendons and joints.

-The Interval Running Workout
This is the most painful run that can leave a person doubled over and gasping for air. In most cases, interval runs are designed to help a person improve on his speed and strength by working with his or her anaerobic system or the lactating threshold running. A person should concentrate on running shorter distances when doing interval running workouts. It can be on along a set loop or on a run track.

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