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4 Reasons Why a Running Workout Is Good For Weight Loss

4 Reasons Why a Running Workout Is Good For Weight Loss
Any exercise can be a good exercise. Running is, however, unbeatable compared to other techniques employed in losing weight. Running workouts are considered to be some the best and most efficient methods to burn calories. If you are an already established runner, you should keep doing the running workouts. If you are not an avid runner, here are reasons why you should consider carrying out daily or even weekly running workouts to lose weight and improve your health.

Even if you are at rest, effects of a running workout still work
Doing a high-intensity running exercise produces a corresponding intense after-burn than low-intensity workouts such as weight lifting or walking the same length of distance. A study has shown that when you take a long rest after a strenuous running workout, your level of energy expenditure stays up hence contributing to the shedding of fat. Besides, calories burned after running can result in the shedding of 90% of weight compared to calories burned during walking exercise.

Running is time efficient
Running burns calories faster and translates to rapid weight loss compared to the slower methods such as long walks and weight lifting.

Running is convenient
Itrequires almost nothing else other than a pair of sneakers although a lot of people tend to burden themselves with GPS gadgets, hordes of software among other tech gizmos. In fact, you can do a running workout almost anywhere and anytime. It is, therefore, a cheaper, easily accessible and less sophisticated method of losing weight.
It’s addictive on dedication

While exercising in order to lose some weight, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of ensuring that you enjoy the exercise and stick to it. Interestingly, running has been found to have an anecdotal effect on runners and leads them into getting hooked to it. The euphoric sensation a runner feels after a running workout stimulates endorphins and other morphine-like brain chemicals making him/her want to go for another run, losing weight in the long-run.

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